Sunday, May 29, 2016

Augmented Learning -- Aurasma

Augmented learning artifact:
I created an augmented learning artifact using Aurasma Studio. Each section (total of 4) have either a video or a document that pops up. I plan to use this as an introduction or some sort of syllabus for my EGR 190 class. If you go to Aurasma, the hashtag is #egr190. Use the following image and point your phone to each section.

Use in the classroom:
I created an Aura (Aurasma product), to utilize augmented learning. I initially thought of converting my graphic syllabus into an aurasma syllabus but creating trigger images using tables were not very efficient. I then used my daughter’s crayons and drawing set (without her permission, bad daddy!) to draw my own images. I am not a drawer, but they served the purpose. I would like to distribute this augmented syllabus in my first class so students can be exposed to a new technology and somewhat have fun figuring out what the course will be about; the style, course content, about me, etc.

The learning objective would be:
“Create a discussion environment where students discover the course content and style in groups.”

I am thinking of incorporating augmented-learning by creating different multimedia materials such as Aurasma and get students involved in several collaborative activities. I have a lot of videos online already and I can simply create worksheets with videos associated as Auras.

I have to assume that students have a mobile device to trigger the images. I might need to do a quick survey at the beginning of the semester so I can pair students if need be.

By creating an Aura for students to navigate through the syllabus, I am implementing segmenting principle as I let students focus on parts of the syllabus on their own pace. I honestly was not thinking week 1 reading during my artifact creation as I was struggling with the creation. However, I believe I also used signaling as Auras inherently highlight the essential material as triggers.

I found the idea of Auras revolutionary. I can think of a lot of applications of augmented learning. Considering I did not even know what augmented learning was, I significantly learned (and grew) a lot this week. I will be playing with Aurasma and similar software. I might consider more professional (perhaps paid) versions to increase my capability. My biggest struggle was to understand the trigger and overlay structure of the tool. Steep learning curve indeed I had to go through this week.


  1. Hi Tolga-

    Your triggers worked but it was difficult to see. In Aurasma there are actions you can add so for instance a video will go full screen. It would be nice if your video would open to full screen so I could watch it and set the phone down while watching your video. Here is a jing video I quickly created to show you were the actions were if you didn't know.
    I like the idea of syllabus in Aurasma.
    Marcia Schick

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Marcia and the screencast. I appreciate it.