Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 7: Assesment

Use in the classroom:
This week, I created an interactive Zaption video from a Youtube lecture. I have also created a google survey and a powerpoint slide to give access to the survey. The survey is to use the presentation rubric to evaluate student presentations. Students will use the rubric to evaluate other presentations. Every group will be given a topic and asked to prepare a presentation. Rubrics will be provided in advance so students know what is expected of them in advance. During the presentations, other students (audience in this case) will use google surveys to evaluate the presentation using the same rubric.
The learning objective would be:
“To evaluate peer presentations using the provided rubric in terms of content and presentation style.”
I believe asking students to present a topic is a great way to engage them in the content. Also, asking students to evaluate each other (just like what we are doing in our blogs for this class) is a great way to get them think about the content. As an engineer, we do a lot of hands-on group projects starting from the freshmen year. PBL is just the natural way of reaching out to our students and get them prepared for the after-school professional work environment.
By asking students prepare relevant, concise presentations, we are making sure to keep them stay on track. I believe this would align well with reducing extraneous processing. Particularly, they have to use signaling to highlight the important information and spatial contiguity plays an important part as they need to put captions for their images.
This was a relatively easy assignment for me. I use google surveys quite a lot and creating a rubric was not that bad. I did not know about Zaption though and I enjoyed learning it. It took me 10-15 minutes to figure out how to use it so that was great. I believe I will be using interactive videos more. I loved the idea. I don’t know why I have never thought of it before.
I have also enjoyed attending the zoom session from my phone. Sound was clear and I actually felt bad the fact that I was not able to attend the previous ones. These would have been helpful at that time. I might go back and watch the recorded ones at some point.

Rubric for group presentations:
Link to the google survey
Slide for the google survey

Zaption video (Make it full screen to fully experience the view):

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  1. Tolga, I also used Zaption for my video assessment tool. I found it to be extremely innovative and it is something I think I can use outside this class. I like how you used a constructed response objectively scored (CROS) question in your Zaption. I wouldn't have though of using a drawing technique in this context. As always, good work.